Wild Game Food Plot Mix

This mix contains a variety of native grasses and a few forbs for a pop of color.  Made up of mostly upland plants, but can tolerate soil moisture and shade. Try inter-planting with our tubelings or container plants such as Asimina triloba, Quercus bicolor, and Diospyros virginiana too! 

10.13 lbs. per acre. $35 per lb. *Mix design and pricing are subject to change without notice depending on the availability of current and future products. Changes to the mix will not affect its function.*

17% Schizachyrium scoparium
16% Elymus virginicus
12% Andropogon gerardii
12% Panicum virgatum
10% Euthamia graminifolia
7% Sorghastrum nutans
6% Glyceria striata
6% Rudbeckia hirta
6% Symphyotrichum oblongifolium 
4% Schoenoplectus atrovirens
4% Symphyotrichum laeve

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