Deer Resistant Garden Mix

Are deer using your ornamental garden as a buffet?  Try planting our native mix of forbs and a few grasses that deer are not typically attracted to eating.  This mix is not guaranteed to stay damage free, although we have seen that these species are not usually preferred by deer, but that does not mean it cannot happen. 

10 lbs. per acre. $148 per lb. *Mix design and pricing are subject to change without notice depending on the availability of current and future products. Changes to the mix will not affect its function.*

8% Penstemon hirsutus
6% Symphyotrichum oblongifolium
4% Monarda punctata
3% Baptisia australis
2% Rudbeckia fulgida
2% Chamaecrista fasciculata
2% Pycnanthemum virginicum

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