Rain Garden Mix

A rain garden is a simple and stunning way to reduce runoff from parking lots, driveways, and roofs.  They also help filter out contaminants in runoff.  The plants we have selected for this mix, are capable of withstanding brief intervals of standing water, tolerate drought, and have deep roots that allow water to effortlessly percolate into the soil.  At the same time, they offer food and shelter to native pollinators and other wildlife.

Baseline seeding rate: 16.43; Number acres: 0.06; Total number bulk seed/ft2: 60

15 lb per acre. $75.00 per lb.  Click here for a downloadable spec. sheet.

10% Asclepias syriaca
4% Helenium autumnale
3% Euthamia graminifolia
2% Kosteletzkya virginica
2% Schoenoplectus atrovirens

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