Riparian Buffer Mix

It has been proven that waterways with a strip of protective vegetation alongside them have increased water quality and numerous ecological benefits.  Pinelands Nursery’s Riparian Buffer Mix is a diverse mix of native forbs and wetland grasses that can aid in the stabilization of stream banks and decrease erosion.  Creating a riparian buffer also helps to lessen the occurrence and strength of flooding and inhibit sedimentation of waterways while simultaneously supporting a wide variety of pollinators and wildlife.  Great for sites with steep slopes, shaded edges, boggy areas, and occasional running water. 

15 lb per acre. $60.00 per lb. *Mix design and pricing are subject to change without notice depending on the availability of current and future products. Changes to the mix will not affect its function.*

Click here for a downloadable spec. sheet.

5% Carex stricta
8% Schoenoplectus atrovirens

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