OBL/FACW Wildlife Shelter & Forage Mix

Create an everlasting habitat for numerous native birds and other wildlife.  This mix of hardy, native grasses and forbs will provide winter cover, nesting sites, and a food source for all of your favorite little critters. Best suited for wet sites with full or partial sun. 

11 lbs. per acre.  $62 per lb. *Mix design and pricing are subject to change without notice depending on the availability of current and future products. Changes to the mix will not affect its function.*

Scientific Name  Common Name % of Mix Oz. 
Elymus virginicus Virginia Wild Rye 23% 13.34
Carex crinita Fringed Sedge 20% 1.28
Scirpus atrovirens Green Bulrush 12% 0.08
Euthamia graminifolia Flat-Top Goldenrod 12% 0.07
Solidago sempervirens Seaside Goldenrod 11% 0.54
Verbena hastata Blue Vervain 10% 0.3
Glyceria striata Fowl Mannagrass 7% 0.16
Juncus effusus Soft Rush 5% 0.01

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