Patriotic Mix

Support your country by planting natives! Crimson red, bright white, and vibrant blue blooms from early spring into fall.  Show your patriotic side by choosing low maintenance, native forbs and grasses instead of exotic ornamental plants that provide little to no ecological value.  This mix is made up of plants that occur naturally in and around the tri-state area.  They require little watering, no chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides, provide habitat for native insect pollinators, and birds, and produce beautiful, showy flowers at the same time!

16 lbs. per acre.  $102 per lb. *Mix design and pricing are subject to change without notice depending on the availability of current and future products. Changes to the mix will not affect its function.*

Botanical Name                       % of Mix
Baptisia australis                         3.00%
Calamagrostis canadensis           1.00%
Chasmanthium latifolium           5.00%
Chrysopsis mariana                    3.00%
Elymus virginicus                    16.00%
Conoclinium coelestinum          3.00%
Eryngium yuccifolium               6.00%
Eupatorium perfoliatum             2.00%
Lobelia cardinalis                      4.00%
Lobelia siphilitica                     4.00%
Monarda didyma                      3.00%
Monarda punctata                    2.00%
Penstemon digitalis                  6.00%
Pycnanthemum virginianum    4.00%
Schizachyrium scoparium      15.00%
Sorghastrum nutans                  9.00%
Tradescantia ohiensis               3.00%
Tridens flavus                           7.00%
Veronicastrum virginicum        4.00%

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