Plant of the Month- April

Our plant of the month is Cercis canadensis (Eastern Redbud)! The beautiful blooms on this tree are no April Fool’s joke!

With the promise of warmer weather in March, blossoms on the Eastern Redbud begin appearing in late March to early April. The distinctive pink blooms may appear similar to pea blossoms because the Eastern Redbud is classified as a legume! The gorgeous pink blossoms are edible and can add a bright taste to your salads.

While the leaves of the Eastern Redbud may appear in April and May, they may be considered more fitting of February. The cordate leaves of the tree have the shape of hearts that create an interesting difference in the foliage.

Looking for an appropriate place to plant your Eastern Redbud? Find a spot with full sun in order to increase the quantity of blossoms present on the tree.

Historically, Native Americans utilized various parts of the tree in their medicines. Bark from the tree was boiled to help treat whooping cough while astringents from the bark helped to treat dysentery. The roots and the inner bark of the tree could help with fevers, and congestion.

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