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Frequently Asked Questions


Who can buy from us?

Pinelands Nursery is strictly wholesale to the trade only.  This means that we only sell plants to businesses affiliated with horticulture and landscape, schools and universities, or government agencies.  We require proof of your business to create your customer account.
Unfortunately we do not have the resources to answer phone calls, respond to emails, or entertain visits from the general public.  If you are a retail customer, you can still purchase our plants through our customer Pinelands Direct Native Plants, an online retailer of native plants.  If you have questions about retail availability please contact them directly.


If you can’t see pricing or availability, make sure that you are logged in. Look to the right of the search bar and make sure it says “Hi (your name).

If you don’t have an account, follow the prompt to sign up for one here: https://www.pinelandsnursery.com/register

Once you are finished creating your account, please check your email and fill out the new customer form to verify your business, as we are wholesale to the trade only.

Once sent please allow up to 1 business day for your account to be approved.

After your account is approved, you will be able to see pricing, availabilities, and be able to place your orders immediately.

Do you have minimums?

We require that customers purchase at least 1 full flat (50 plugs, 32 or 72 Tubelings, 15 Quarts) per species or 10 containers (#1, #2, #3, #7) per species.
There is no shipping minimum on our flats for UPS.
To qualify for shipping via our fleet of trucks your order must be greater than $1000.
We can also palletize some orders for shipment as well.

Can I order online?

Yes - but your account needs to first be approved. Once you create an account, allow 24 hours for approval, and you will be all set to see live inventory, pricing, download availabities, and order our plants at any time of day.


When should I place an order?

We recommend placing your order as soon as you know what you are looking for.  Placing orders early helps us plan our production to ensure we will have the plants when you are ready for them.  When we are busy many plants will be available one day and gone the next.  Ordering early reserves your plants until you are ready to receive your order.  There is no fee to hold your plants, however there may be a fee assessed if you change or cancel your order without adequate notice.


How do I build a Quote?

Our online quoting function is exactly the same as if you were shopping online.  Simply add the item you want to your cart, assign each species with the quantity you require, and click send.  We'll respond with a quote within a few hours. Once we've responded to your quote request, you can simply place the order online or ask us to amend your quote.



Do you offer delivery?

We offer a variety of delivery options.  What options are available to you are determined by your order total, product type, and shipping destination.  For smaller orders we can often ship your plants via UPS, orders over $1000 of material within our shipping radius can be shipped with our own fleet of trucks, and we can contract trucking for the largest orders.  You must preschedule your UPS shipping details at least 2 business days in advance. For contract trucking, please allow 3 business days in advance. You can always choose to pick up your order as well.  For more detailed information visit our Shipping Page.

Where do you ship?

We currently only ship within the continental United States.  Rates and conditions vary depending on shipping destination.

Can I pick up my order?

You can always choose to pick up your order.  However, you must preschedule your pick up time at least 2 business days  in advance.  We allow pick ups from 8am-12pm every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday each week.  This allows us to have your order ready before you arrive.  If you need assistance loading, just let us know and we are happy to help.  If you do not need assistance feel free to load yourself and head on your way.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping costs differ on an order by order basis. Costs are determined by shipping destination, transport type, and product type.  We do our best to provide an accurate shipping estimate with your order but will not know your exact shipping cost until your order has shipped. 

Contact Kelsey@pinelandsnursery.com for shipping quote requests.



What plants do you grow?

We only grow plants that are native to the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast. in addition, most of the plants we grow are grown from locally collected, wild source seed.  For a complete list of what we grow just visit the All Products page of our website.

What sizes do you grow your plants?

The pot sizes of the plants we grow varies by plant type.  Herbaceous plants are primarily grown in 50 cell 2" Plugs but can be custom grown in Quart Pots of #1 Containers, Ferns are grown in 32 cell Tubelings, Woody Shrubs typically are available in 72 cell tubelings or #1 Containers, and Trees are grown in 32 cell Tubelings, #2 Containers, #3 Containers, and #7 Containers.

How can I see what you have available?

If you know what plants you are looking for, simply send us a quote request and we will let you know the availabilty of each species on your list.  If you want a list of what we currently have in stock, there are a few ways to gain access.  First, you can create an account for our website.  This will give you access to our most up to date availability list whenever you like.  Second, you can sign up for our email list at the bottom of this page.  We periodically send out email updates with our current availability.  Third, you can contact us for the most up to date availability at Sales@pinelandsnursery.com or by calling (609)291-9486.

Do you custom grow plants?

We do!  If there is a particular species or size you are looking for please contact us at Sales@pinelandsnursery.com to discuss which options we can provide you.  We look forward to discussing these opportunities with you.



Do you have a minimum for seed orders?

Bulk seed and seed mixes are only sold in whole pound increments. We have a wide array of species and mixes available for you to view from. Don't see a species or mix listed that you are interested in? Contact seed@pinelandsnursery.com with your requests and to obtain pricing. There is a 5 pound minimum for custom seed mix orders. 

How long does it take for a seed order to be ready?

We custom mix every seed order, so please allow at least 72 hours for us to package you mix. Seed mixes will be pre-mixed unless otherwise requested. 

How do you sell your seed?

We sell our seed as Pure Live Seed (PLS). PLS is a calculation that describes the percentage of seed that will germinate in a given seed lot. PLS is calculated through multiplying the percent purity by the percent germination plus the percent dormat or hard seed. This calculation certifies that our customers will always receive viable seed. When you order a PLS pound, we multiply one pound by the PLS percentage to ensure that you are getting the exact amount of viable seed you are paying for.

Bulk weight means that when you order a pound of seed - that is what you get. Seed, empty hulls, stems, leaves and weed seed maku up the weight of that pound. Only a percentage of that pound will be live germinating seeds, which is why we prefer to sell our seed in PLS pounds.



Where can I find your prices?

Since we are wholesale only and not open to the public, we protect our pricing to protect you.  Te receive pricing on the items you're looking for please submit a quote request and we will get pricing to you within 24 hours.

What does your pricing include?
When you receive a quote from us the pricing you see will indicate the price per idividual plant.  We supply one identification tag per flat of plants and 1 tag for every 10 species of each containerized plant.  We can provide extra tags for an additional $0.25 per tag.
Can I place a tax-exempt order on your website?
After creating your account, email a copy of your tax-exempt certificate to web@pinelandsnursery.com. We'll approve your tax-exemption internally and send you an email once approved. After you have been approved, you will be able to order tax-exempt when logged into your account.
Can I be invoiced for my order?
You can apply for a credit account by contacting Theresa@pinelandsnursery.com. Credit acounts are typically processed in 4 weeks from when they are received. We require all first time orders to be paid Cash on Delivery. We reserve the right to cancel a credit account at any time.
What credit cards do you take?
We accept all major card carriers, including Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.