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We’ve always prided ourselves on our sustainability efforts. A few years ago, we joined the New Jersey Sustainable Business Registry becoming the 2nd nursery to do so! Since we were already doing many things that qualified us for the registry, it was a no-brainer for us to join. Here are a few of the things we do that help us be sustainable:

Pollinator Friendly

We’re a native plant nursery. How could we not pride ourselves on our pollinator friendliness? In addition to growing plants that pollinators just plain love, we’ve created 30+ acres of pollinator habitat with our seeds fields and surrounding buffers. If that wasn’t enough, a few of our employees are beekeepers as well. We actually have over 20 working beehives on our farms. In addition to helping pollinators, our nursery is completely neonicotinoid free. To top it all off, our past president, Don Knezick, was honored as the Pollinator Partnerships Pollinator Steward of the Year in 2015.

Water Conscious

We’ve always been water conscious at the nursery. We started by recapturing irrigation and rain water to use for irrigation in other parts of the nursery. We switched some of our larger pots to drip irrigation, so there was less water loss. We recently invested in an automatic watering system so that plants only get the precise amount of water that they need and not a precious drop more! The cherry on top is that we got our team reusable water bottles to reduce plastic and water waste.

Environmentally Focused

Science shows that native plants are super beneficial to the environment. In an effort to be even more environmentally conscious, we took our efforts one step further. The boxes we use for shipping are made from recycled materials. We have solar panels on the roofs of our buildings that create much of the electricity we use for the year. In addition, we typically donate over $30,000 worth of trees, plants, and seeds each year to deserving municipal and non-profit restoration projects.